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New Stair Nosing & Decorative Grilles Website Launched

Welcome to the new redesigned Brass Tacks online experience. Our modern interface is not just eye-catching, but also incredibly user-friendly.

Stair Nosing for Stair Manufacturers

Stair nosing for commercial interior staircase manufacturers

Stair nosing is regularly installed on to staircases in commercial buildings. We work with staircase manufacturers and fabricators.

Celebrating 40 years of brassware manufacture

Celebrating 40 Years of Brass Tacks Fittings Ltd

A lot has happened over the 40 years we’ve been in business, with some really notable years to look fondly back on.

Merry Christmas from Brass Tacks

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Bespoke Brass Linear Grille Manufacturer

Bespoke linear grille manufacture

Brass linear grilles are often used in hotels and offices across the country to add the high-quality finishing touches to an interior design.

Radiator Covers

Radiator covers and grilles – Q&A

Creatively designed radiator covers with integrated metal grilles provide the opportunity to enhance your room styling.

Brass Stair Nosing

Brass stair nosing supplied for The Ship Inn Refurbishment

We were happy to be asked to supply the brass stair nosing for all the interior staircases for Youngs owned The Ship Inn. 

Stair Nosing at The Berkley

Stair nosing for hotels

Many of the sweeping staircases of large hotel chains have used stair nosing to help give the feel of comfort and luxury.

Stair Nosing& Grille Exports

Brass Nosing and Grille Fittings Global Exports

Stylish brass fittings including stair nosing and grilles available for export worldwide.

Bespoke radiator grille

Get a quote for your home interior design project

Get a quote for the grilles, radiator covers and screens for your home interior design project.