Radiator covers and grilles – Q&A

Radiator covers and grilles – Q&A

Creatively designed radiator covers with integrated metal radiator grilles provide the opportunity to enhance your room styling, adding an extra feature to your room but they also provide the benefit of creating more functional space. But choosing the right design, size and quality of manufacture will be important if you wish to achieve the high standard of finish for your room. 

In this article we look at the benefits installing new radiator covers with integrated radiator grilles can have for you and the design style you seek and answer some of the common questions asked about installing radiator covers.

Does the design of a radiator cover reduce heat loss?

The simple answer to this is yes, if installed correctly. Well-designed radiator grilles that allow for easy air flow and for the heat to leave the cover at the top will not block or reduce the room’s heat. 

You can also help to reduce heat loss by installing an extra layer of reflective backings before installing the radiator cover.

Can radiator covers be used as an extra shelf?

If the radiator grille has been installed correctly and is secure against the wall, then yes, they can offer a new shelf space for lights, photos or ornaments, as long as there is nothing too heavy placed on it. 

Are radiator covers child safe?

Radiator covers do provide a child safe, protective barrier. They help to prevent small children from being able to touch the hot radiator. In addition, a radiator cover can provide protection from steam or hot water in the unlikely event of a radiator leaks. 

How does installation affect the radiator cover?

The installation will have an effect on the radiator cover being able to allow the heat out efficiently. By making sure the radiator cover has sufficient space above and below the radiator itself will help with convection and the overall efficiency of the radiator. 

As has been mentioned before, correctly securing the radiator cover to the wall will allow it to be used as an extra shelf. 

Are the number radiator cover designs limited?

There are a wide range of design styles of radiator grilles available, from the classic to the contemporary. Couple this with a wide range of finishes, all manufactured to your exact size requirements means you will be able to find the radiator cover that matches your interior design. 

Our time proven manufacturing techniques demonstrate that we deliver bespoke radiator grilles to exactly meet the specification of your radiator covers. Our attention to detail comes in to its own if your project needs to replace or replicate existing historical designs. 

Radiator grille designs:

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