Stair nosing for commercial interior staircase manufacturers

Stair nosing for commercial interior staircase manufacturers

Stair nosing is regularly installed on to staircases in commercial buildings. Be they private company or public sector buildings, stair nosing not only enhances the interior design but also adds to the safety. The stair nosing provides non-slip surfaces as well as a visual contrast to support visually impaired. 

For manufacturers of staircases, it is important to research and select a stair nosing manufacturer and supplier that can work with you in order to meet project deadlines and budgets. Brass Tacks are manufacturers and suppliers of quality stair nosing perfect for any size commercial building. 

Internal and external staircases are fabricated from various materials. The stair nosing that we manufacture will fit any commercially used construction material such as timber, concrete and steel staircases. The nosing is easily installed and our extensive range provides options to match the visual look and feel of internal or external fixtures and fittings.  

Stair nosing for internal wooden staircases

Wooden staircases can add a warm and natural feel to the building whilst having the design flexibility to meet both traditional and contemporary styles. Therefore, the stair nosing will need to be selected to match the stair tread profile and the overall finish of the building’s interior fixtures and fittings. 

We can manufacture a range of stair nosing styles with differing finishes that can match the staircase in terms of size, style and finish. 

Stair nosing for internal metal staircases

The fabrication of metal staircases has improved over the years and has become an incredibly popular addition to commercial buildings. Metal staircases are able to be shaped into almost any design and style, they can suit many different settings.

Stair nosing can be manufactured to compliment the styling and maintain the durability and safety of the final staircase. 

Working with staircase manufacturers

We understand that staircase manufacturers will be dealing with a range of other trades and stakeholders and will therefore need to juggle the production, finishes, installation deadlines, and budgets to ensure the project runs smoothly. 

To help with this smooth-running process, we establish a single point of contact in our team so that communications are clear, with the full understanding of each project’s finer details. This helps to make sure that the correct styles and sizes are manufactured. 

If you would like to discuss your next project and explore the range of stair nosing you could use, please give our team a call, we’ll be happy to help. 

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