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Our decorative radiator grilles are manufactured on site in the UK.

Exquisitely crafted radiator grilles offer the opportunity to enhance interior design style, whilst providing additional shelf space. The range of radiator grilles we provide, can be supplied in a wide variety of finishes that will lift your room’s style.

Brass Regency Radiator Grille with Mesh Backing Chrome Finish Radiator Grille

Regency Radiator Grilles

We manufacture a wide variety of beautiful regency radiator grilles which deliver the regency style alongside modern living. The Regency radiator grilles are manufactured in over forty different designs which can be supplied with a wide range of finishes. This means there will be a regency radiator grille to match your own personal requirements.

All our regency radiator grilles are made to your exact measurements, ensuring you can have peace of mind when installing the finished radiator grille.

Floral Rosette Radiator Grilles

Floral Rosette Radiator Grilles

Floral Rosette Regency Radiator Grilles are available in a choice of diamond sizes, mesh sizes and rosette or pin positions.

Plain Rosette Radiator Grille

Plain Rosette Radiator Grille

Regency brass grille with small diamond size, choice of floral rosette spacing and choice of backing mesh.

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The Regency period refers to the period of George IV’s reign as Prince Regent between 1811 and 1820. The regency interior design style often included the use of brass or metal inlays, so our designs of regency radiator grilles are manufactured to be in keeping with this design style.

Woven Radiator Grilles

Woven radiator grilles are manufactured by intertwining metal wires, forming a grille or panel in much the same that that cloth is woven. It is the tension within the woven strands that provide the rigidity of the grilles, which means there is no need for welding.

There are benefits to producing a weld-free woven radiator grille when comparing to a weld jointed grille. The woven panel is far more aesthetically pleasing with a noticeably more authentic and natural appearance.

Diamond Reeded Woven Brass Grille

Diamond Woven Radiator Grille

Diamond Woven Radiator Grilles are available in a choice of diamond sizes, finish, mesh options and reed options.

Square Plain Woven Stainless Steel Grille

Square Woven Radiator Grille

Select from a choice of square sizes, mesh options, finish and reed additions for Square Woven Radiator Grilles.

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The woven radiator grilles we manufacture can be delivered with or without mesh backing, dependent on the finish you would like. However, some of the more tightly woven radiator panels do not need the mesh backing as they may obscure the radiator as they are.

If, however, you prefer the wider woven designs, then you can cover the radiator from sight by adding a finer wire mesh backing to the woven radiator grille.

The woven radiator grilles are available in a wide range of design styles, so you will be able to find the woven radiator grilles and finish to match your décor. All of our woven radiator grilles are bespoke cut to meet your precise measurements, delivering to your exact needs.

Perforated Radiator Grilles

Our collection of perforated radiator grilles is available in both brass and aluminium. As with our other types of radiator grilles, we can deliver them with or without a backing mesh. All of our perforated radiator grilles are cut to size to your exacting requirements, ensuring you have precisely the right size radiator panel.

Crossed Sword Grille

Perforated Radiator Grilles

Perforated Radiator Grilles are available in a choice of patterns and sizes, finish, mesh options and finish options. Pictured is our Crossed Sword.

Filigree Grille

Perforated Radiator Grille Designs

Select from a choice of Filigree, Honeycomb, Club, Crossed Sword, Fancy Club, Square or Diamond pattern and a finish to suit your décor.

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Perforated grilles are designed and created to deliver the more modern styling of radiator grille. The majority of the more commonly manufactured perforated grilles are made by using punching techniques. When using a thicker base material for the radiator grille, it is often the case that a die and punch set will be used.

Radiator Grille Practical Enhancements

Radiator grilles not only provide a room with class and panache, but they can also give additional practical uses as well:

  • Radiator grilles can support the reduction of heat loss by providing an extra layer of reflective backings.
  • They can offer new shelf space for lights, photos or ornaments.
  • They hide unattractive radiators, turning the area in to a feature.
  • The radiator grille delivers a protective barrier, preventing children from touching a hot radiator.
  • Provides further protection in case there is a steam or hot water leak.

To gain the best results from installing a new radiator grille, it is important to ensure that the radiator grille, and its surrounding cover, are manufactured to provide enough space above and below the radiator itself to help with convection and the overall efficiency of the radiator.

Our tried and tested manufacturing techniques mean that we can deliver bespoke brass radiator grilles to exactly match what you need. It is this attention to detail that is important when your project requires to replace or replicate existing historical designs.