Bespoke linear grille manufacture

Bespoke linear grille manufacture

Brass linear grilles are often used in hotels and offices across the country to add the high-quality finishing touches to an interior design. They are designed to not only deliver the stylish look, but they can assist with the air flow and make the air conditioning, heating and ventilation more effective. 

Air conditioning, heating and ventilation in hotels and offices is an important feature that has many benefits for customers and staff alike. However, the air vents themselves can look unsightly and not mirrored to the high-quality interior styling that is needed to reflect the quality of the business’ brand. Linear brass grilles are the answer to styling and design requirements.

Choice of brass linear grilles

We manufacture two different design styles of brass linear grilles, framed or unframed. The grilles can be supplied with a choice of either 3/4" x 1/8" (19 x 3mm) or 3/4" x 1/4" (19 x 6mm) bars. 

The linear grille bars can then be spaced at two different sizes, either 1/4" (6 mm) or 3/8" (10mm). Further adjustments to the manufacture can be made if required, including having the bars angled at 15 degrees to deflect the air flow. The framed grilles are manufactured using 3/4" x 1/8" (19 x 3mm) brass angle. 

In addition, all our brass linear grilles can be supplied in a range of special finishes to help ensure the grilles match the interior design style. 

New build linear grille manufacture

If the construction project is a new build, then the linear grilles can be manufactured in the quantities and specifications required to fit the new air conditioning and ventilation system and match interior design styles. The linear grilles we produce are made to order, so if you require different spacing, bar size or frame size then please contact us, and we will be able to bespoke manufacture to your requirements. 

Retrofit linear grille manufacture

The linear grilles required for a retrofit on an existing building can be tailored to match any of the previous linear grille designs to keep the continuity of the interior design and finish. They can also be manufactured to match the size of the existing ventilation vent space to ensure the perfect fit. 

Our experience in delivering high quality brass linear grilles ensure that the final finish is consistent for all the grilles supplied, along with meeting project deadlines and budgets. 

If you would like to discuss your specifications for any linear grilles for your project, please give us a call on 0208 866 8664 or email us at and we will be happy to help.