Stair Nosing – Who needs them?

Stair Nosing – Who needs them?

Commercial stair nosing is an important feature for any staircase that will see high footfall and especially if the stairs are regularly used by the general public. Even with that in mind, stair nosing is often over looked as part of the initial design, refurbishment project or upgrade. So, who exactly should be ensuring that their buildings have the right stair nosing for the projects?

Architects & Interior Designers

From the outset of a building design, the architects and interior designers have a huge sway over how the final building will be completed in terms of style and look. The specifications can be drawn up at the early stages which is the perfect time to include the right level of stair nosing in terms of the safety features needed, but also stair nosing to match in style and to work well with the internal décor. By selecting the final stair nosing at the early stages, ensures that the manufacturing and delivery will meet the project’s timeframes. 

Facilities Managers and Health & Safety Officers

These two organisational roles often work closely together to ensure the safety of buildings for both employees and the general public. They need to understand the regulations surround the use of commercial grade stair nosing in public buildings from the types of stair nosing to use, such as the heavy duty anti slip stair nosing in areas that can get wet, through to the need for colour differentiation and reflective values to ensure they meet the needs of those with visual impairment. 

The types of building that would be in particular need of stair nosing include:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Museums
  • Sports Centres
  • Shopping Centres
  • Libraries
  • Public Houses
  • Cinemas
  • Educational Facilities

Restoration / Refurbishment Project Managers 

Stair nosing in refurbishment or restoration projects can often provide new challenges for the project managers, particularly when it come to exactly matching a style of stair noising that was previous used in the building. These in some cases could fall under the Grade Listing requirements to ensure the building is restored to its original style. 

We work closely with the project managers and are able to exactly match the original design of the brass stair nosing ensuring that they receive precisely matched stair nosing. 

Our range of stair nosing styles and finishes means that we will be able to provide exactly the right stair nosing no matter what type of building or project you are working on. Please feel free to give us a call if you would like to discuss the details of your current project.