Stair Nosing – Retro fit on Office Stairs

Stair Nosing – Retro fit on Office Stairs

Stair nosing can often be an overlooked safety feature, especially in offices that have not been decorated or refurbished for some time. However, that fact that stair nosing may not be present does not mean that it cannot be retro fitted, no matter what the staircase is constructed from. Here we look at a recent office refurbishment that we are pleased to have been involved with. 

No Stair Nosing – Safety Issue

The office in question had not been decorated or refurbished for many years until, finally, the decision was taken to undertake the works to improve the building and interior. During that process, to the two stair cases were carpeted however no consideration was made as to the type and style of the stair nosing that should be installed to support the health and safety of the office environment. It wasn’t until the office refurbishment had been completed that it was noticed that the stair nosing had not been included in the works. It was at this point that Brass Tacks became involved.

Stair Nosing Retro Fitted

Once the decision had been made to retro fit the stair nosing to the office stairs, particularly on safety grounds, we discussed the various options and finishes that could be installed. The office refurbishment itself had created a clean and modern décor style, therefore the new stair nosing need to compliment this look. It was decided that the satin nickle finish would be applied to the stair nosing to give the stair case a modern style in keeping with the rest of the office décor. 

The office manager said “we were really quite annoyed with ourselves when we first discovered that we’d forgotten to have the stair nosing fitted during the refurbishment. However Brass Tacks came in and helped us choose the best stair nosing to go with the new décor. We are absolutely delighted with the results”. He went on to say “we very grateful to Brass Tack for being able to turn round the manufacture of the stair nosing so quickly for us”. 

We are pleased that we were able to help our client and resolve the slight issue that had with no stair nosing. If you have the need to have some stair nosing retro fitted, then please get in touch, we will be delighted to help you.