Stair Nosing – What’s needed for yachts, ferries and cruise liners?

Stair Nosing – What’s needed for yachts, ferries and cruise liners?

When thinking about brass or aluminium or even heavy duty, anti-slip stair nosing, it is unlikely your first thought will turn to shipping and cruise liners. However, there are a wide range of requirements simply on one ship alone, so you have to understand the needs to get the supply right. So what types of stair nosing are required on board?

Stair Nosing on Yachts

Many yachts are being built to the very high and exacting standards of their owners. The interior designs can be luxurious in a range of modern or traditional styles. These yachts can use a range of brass stair nosing similar to those found in boutique hotels around the world to give that extra touch of class. However, the exterior stairs that are open to the elements and sea spray need to be hard wearing, resistant to the weather yet still retain the high class finish. As these yachts are often smaller than the larger cruise liners, the quantities need to be smaller. 

Stair Nosing on Cruise Liners

There are some very noticeable differences when supplying stair nosing to be fitted in cruise liners when compared to other ships. Firstly, is the sheer numbers required. Many of the cruise liners have multiple restaurants, cinemas, theatres and bars that have the need for stylish stair nosing but maintaining the need for the clear visual difference from the carpets, whilst also being secure and non-slip. Add these numbers to the exterior areas of decking and pools which are open to the elements and can become slippery from water, the need to supply in vast quantities is needed. 

Stair Nosing on Ferries

Ferries are not widely known for their style and sophistication, but more so for the rough round the edges functionality. However, they do have multiple floors that are exposed to the sea air which in turn can lead to very slippery surfaces. The ferries need the heavy duty, anti-slip stair nosing to with the high visibility colour difference to ensure that passenger safety remains high. As with cruise liners, the quantities needed can be large, therefore ensuring the supplier is in a position to be able to deliver on time and budget will be an important factor. 

Here at Brass Tack we are always delighted to be able to help our clients, no matter how varied and large their stair nosing requirement may be.  We will discuss all the details and agree the needs up front so everyone understands the order, both on paper and on the oceans! So if you need to have some stair nosing for your latest project, then please get in touch, we will be very pleased to help you.