Radiator Covers – Designed to Last

Radiator Covers – Designed to Last

As we all look for new ways to reduce the money we spend on heating, radiator covers, or radiator grilles as they are also known, offer a stylish way to help reduce the amount of heat escaping by using reflective backings. The radiator grilles also offer an ideal opportunity to redesign the interior décor to your home, providing a stylish and sophisticated appeal.

Bespoke Radiator Covers

This was the case for a recent project we undertook for a family living in London.  They were undertaking a renovation project of their 5 bedroom home and were looking at ways to completely change the appearance of their rooms. Following some interior design research, they liked the idea of covering their all their radiators with bespoke radiator grilles. After an initial conversation with us, we explained that their design need not be “old fashioned” and that we were able to deliver a contemporary design that would fit well with the rest of their interior design themes.

Following their chosen design being drawn up, we took it on board and created a template for each of the radiator cover sizes, and after approval, we manufactured each radiator grille to size. The sizes were made to measure to ensure that the correct amount of space was left above and below the radiator to achieve the best level of convection and air circulation.

Benefits of Radiator Covers

Once their joiners had fitted the radiator covers, the family found that they provided some welcome benefits that’d not considered. Firstly, they found that their children were now not able to touch the hot radiators directly and were therefore prevented from burning their hands. In addition, they also found that the radiator covers created the perfect shelf to display more family photos.

We’re pleased to say that the family are now delighted with all of their radiator grilles and have said that they really enhance the interior design of their home. So if you would like to discuss a specific radiator grille design requirement give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help.