Metal Grilles for Cabinet Doors

Metal Grilles for Cabinet Doors

Metal grilles for cabinet doors can create a unique look for a range of different types of cabinet. Many people have started to look at how they can upcycle a cabinet they already own or undertake a new DIY project. 

There has been a rise in TV programmes that have also encouraged people to take on restorations and refurbishments to help reduce waste and help the environment. 

With a huge range of metal grilles styles and finishes available there will be one that can perfectly compliment either a contemporary or traditional look and feel.  

The versatility of metal grilles means that there will be options for almost every room in the home.

Metal grilles for bedroom wardrobes and cabinets doors

Creating the perfect boutique bedroom can be achieved with the help of metal grilles inset doors for wardrobes and bedside cabinets. This style can then be accompanied by matching in the radiator grilles for added styling. 

There would be no need to purchase new wardrobes for bedside cabinets. Simply by upcycling your existing wardrobes and bedside cabinets with a new styled and finished metal grille will deliver the new look furniture. 

The wide range of metal grille finishes mean that almost any colour scheme you choose for the room can be complimented. 

Metal grilles for kitchen cabinets doors

New kitchens can be very expensive, which makes revamping your existing kitchen cabinets with new metal grille doors a highly cost effective and stylish option. 

The chances are that your existing cabinets are in absolutely fine condition, but you simply want to modernise the look and feel of the heart of the home.  

By simply altering your kitchen colour scheme and introducing the new metal grilles to the cabinet doors gives you the chance to dramatically change the look and feel of your existing kitchen. Importantly it can be done at a fraction of the cost of a complete kitchen replacement.

Metal grilles for lounge cabinet doors

In addition to the cabinets that can be upgraded from the kitchen and bedroom, some lounge furniture can also benefit from having newly fitted metal grilles on the cabinet doors. 

Cabinets such as TV cabinets offer the perfect piece for a metal grille upcycle. These are easily combined with a radiator grille to give you lounge a new comfortable and stylish feel. 

These examples help to illustrate how the addition of new metal grilles can completely transform your existing cabinets into a stylish and modern cabinets at a fraction of the cost of replacing your furniture with something new. 

There are many pieces of furniture around the house that could benefit from upcycling including:

  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Screens
  • Radiator covers

If you are planning on upcycling any of your existing cabinets, no matter which room or type, then please give us a call. 

We’ll be more than happy to help.