Interior Radiator Grilles – Radiator Covers with Style

Interior Radiator Grilles – Radiator Covers with Style

Beautifully designed brass radiator grilles for radiator covers give you the chance to enrich your room decor style whilst also building extra practical shelf space. The metal radiator grilles, can be supplied in a range of different finishes that will boost your style and your room’s interior design. 

The addition of radiator grilles can also provide further practical uses as well as adding a stylish finish:

  • The radiator covers can help to reduce heat loss by installing an extra layer of reflective backings 
  • They can provide a new shelf space for lights, photos or ornaments
  • They certainly help to hide unattractive radiators and turn the area in to one of the rooms features
  • The radiator grille also provides a protective barrier to help prevent children from touching a hot radiator
  • Offers additional protection from steam or hot water if the radiator leaks

Ensuring that the radiator grille and its surrounding cover are designed so that there is sufficient space above and below the radiator itself will help with convection and the overall efficiency of the radiator.

Here at Brass Tacks, our tried and tested manufacturing techniques mean that we can deliver bespoke brass radiator grilles to precisely match what you need. This level of accuracy is particularly important if your project requires to replace or replicate existing historical designs. By selecting one of the many types of final finishes, you will be able to either a traditional or contemporary style. 

We have created an online gallery and product range to help provide some inspiration for your new radiator covers. Clicking on the links below will take you some of the radiator grille designs we can provide:

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the design and manufacture of you bespoke radiator grilles, so please give us a call on 0208 866 8664 or send us an email and, we’ll be happy to help.