Brass Tacks Stair Rods – From Ore to Stairs

Brass Tacks Stair Rods – From Ore to Stairs

Brass Tacks has been manufacturing brass stair rods for over 30 years using traditional methods that can be traced back to the 18th Century.

All of our raw materials have been specially sourced from our portfolio of top quality European producers who work to the highest approval standards. We subject our all our suppliers to a stringent quality audit before placing any orders and carry out annual reviews to ensure that the highest quality of brass is always supplied, ensuring that all our stair rods are manufactured with the highest quality materials.

Our bespoke stair rods are made from solid brass, which we then manufacture to provide a choice of diameters of either 10mm or 13mm and a wide range of finishes. These include:

  • Polished brass
  • Satin brass
  • Antique brass
  • Bronze metal antique
  • Satin or Polished Chrome
  • Satin or Polished Nickel.

Each stair rod is turned on our lathe, using tools that have been specially made by us and are unique to Brass Tacks, to help us to guarantee the final finished stair rod will meet even the most exacting standards.

As our manufacturing process is bespoke for each client. We are able to supply quantities that vary from a single stair rod, all the way to supplying hundreds of rods for a large restoration or refurbishment project. Our attention to detail ensures that every stair rod will be produced to exactly the same specification, ensuring continuity for the higher numbers. After choosing the brass stair rods and dependent on the size of the client order, our production turnaround timeframe is approximately 10-14 days. This is a great help for Project Managers to keep their projects on time and budget.

Once the production of the stair rods is complete, each stair rod is individually wrapped in paper and bubble wrap then secured in cardboard tubes to avoid any damage during transit, ensuring all our customers receive perfect quality stair rods for installation.