Brass Nosing and Grille Fittings Global Exports

Brass Nosing and Grille Fittings Global Exports

Stylish brass fittings for interior design, such as stair nosing and grilles, have long been used in homes, businesses and public buildings across the world. Here at Brass Tacks, we have been supplying a wide range of brass products to clients in America, Europe, Middle East and Asia for many years and we have been delighted to see an increase in demand for our bespoke made brass fittings. 

Stair Nosing Exports

The installation of stylish stair nosing in homes and businesses across the world have become a popular addition to their interior design features. Architects and interior designers have been looking further afield than their domestic manufacturers to source the highest quality products for their clients. 

Here in the UK, we have been delighted to be able to provide a wide range of stair nosing designs and styles to world market, including:

Our global clients range from homeowners undertaking a renovation of their homes, through to businesses such as hotels and restaurants and even public buildings such as museums and sports venues. All seeking the highest quality stair nosing.

Brass Gilles Exports

Our beautifully crafted brass radiator grilles have been chosen by clients around the world to enhance their room décor and style.  Interior designers and architects choose Brass Tacks as their lead supplier of radiator grilles due to our service level, quality and supply of a comprehensive range with different cuts and finishes. 

Our range of brass radiator grilles include: 

  • Brass Regency Grilles
  • Brass Woven Grilles
  • Brass Perforated Grilles
  • Brass Floor Grilles

End to End Service

A contributory factor for our global clients choosing Brass Tacks for the supply of their stair nosing and radiator grilles, is the end-to-end service we deliver. 

Once the online order has been confirmed, our team then ensure that the stair nosing and grilles are hand finished to order. The team then take care of all the packaging, transports, export paperwork, tariffs and import paperwork, so our clients can simply sit back and await their products to arrive, hassle free. 

If you would like to discuss further your specific needs for either stair nosing or floor grilles, no matter where you are in the world, then please contact us and we will be happy to help.