Anti Slip Heavy Duty Nosing – Safety First

Anti Slip Heavy Duty Nosing – Safety First

We provide an Anti Slip Heavy Duty Stair Nosing that is capable of withstanding extremely high levels of footfall traffic whilst providing additional safety by including a resilient anti slip stair edging. These Anti Slip Heavy duty stair nosings are ideal additions for both industry and public areas and fully comply with both Building Regulations and the Disability Discrimination Act.

The Anti Slip Heavy Duty Stair Nosing has be specially designed for use both internally and externally whilst being able to withstand wet conditions. The design makes the Anti Slip Heavy Duty Stair Nosing an ideal metal stair edge for public areas. The stair nosing includes a highly effective interlocking system that offers the options to expand the reach for wider uses and have been developed for simplified retro fixing.

Anti Slip Heavy Duty Stair Nosing with Olympic Grip Infills

In order to help create the look designers desire without compromising on safety, we have options that include coloured infills which are manufactured from composite reinforced glass polyester infused with aluminium grit. We have built our manufacturing experience over many years and by using only the finest quality materials, we deliver the most robust and hard wearing Anti Slip Heavy Duty. Typically we have delivery lead times for these stair nosings of between 5-7 days helping to ensure that there will be no delays to your project.

In order to help you choose exactly the right product, we can work closely with you during the initial planning stages of your project. Simply give us a call you would like to discuss a more specific requirement, we’ll be more than happy to help.