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Our solid brass decorative regency grilles are manufactured on site in the UK.

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Brass Grille

Interior Preservation of Listed Buildings

Wednesday 6 May, 2015

Interior Preservation of Listed Buildings

Finding exact matches for fittings and fixtures such as brass grilles for a listed building restoration or renovation project can prove a challenge. Many people forget that once a building has been designated as a Listed Building, the preservation order also includes the interior, in some cases it can even be down to the finest of detail. This can become a headache for those involved with the restoration and renovation projects as finding the exact product that matches the style and age of items such as the brass fittings can be difficult. 

This is where traditional brass manufacturing companies come in to their own. Brass Tacks are able to take the original design, or even an existing brass grille, and then accurately recreate an identical match for any number of replacements. We specialise in decorative brass grilles, stair rods, stair nosing and can also support you with refurbishing or replicating your existing brassware products.

We have over 85 years of manufacturing experience and we continue to use techniques dating back to the 18th century. This ensures that our expertise focusses on the production of high quality brassware that are installed in some of the most prestigious buildings in the world and listed buildings in the UK. We are proud that our clients include The Ritz Hotel, Harrods, The Royal Albert Hall, The Berkely Hotel, St Martins in the Field Church, County Hall London, Jaguar and Honda.

If you are working on such a project and require assistance in replacing the brassware, please let us know and we will be happy to help.

Resources for Listed Buildings: