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Brass Gallery Rail

All Aboard....

Tuesday 7 February, 2017

At Brass Tacks we pride ourselves on being able to supply a huge range of bespoke manufactured brass products, from the simple to the sublime. There are times when a client needs something that really is a new one on us, well not that often to be fair!

Having supplied brass products for a wide range of industries from Hotels to Museums and Yachts to Fire Engines we were recently asked to supply bespoke manufactured brass products to the film industry.

Our client, part of the props team for a major film maker, came to us with a need for some brass gallery rails that were required for the scene to be filmed in just 4 days time. With little more than sketches to work from, we drew on our extensive knowledge and experience to create the perfect solution. We are delighted to say that we were right first time and so were able to quickly proceed to supply the final items. Even with such a tight deadline, we produced and delivered the bespoke gallery rail in time for the scene to be filmed.

We are proud to have been able to help our client and ensure that their filming schedule was not held up as a result of not having the exact props needed for the scene. Keep your eyes out on the next film from Etan Cohen and look around the tables to see our work in action!