Brass Handrails

Brass Tacks offer a full design and manufacture service for brass handrails.

Bespoke Brass Handrails

Brass Tacks offer a bespoke service. For more information call 0208 866 8664.

Brass Tacks can produce tubular balustrades and handrails to order.

Tubular Brass Handrails

Tubular handrails consist of 38mm or 51mm diameter brass tube. There are a number of component parts used to create your handrail. Accessories available include; Flanges, end caps, T pieces, elbows, adjustable saddle brackets and various flush fittings. 90 and 135 degrees bends can be supplied from stock and radius bends can be made from templates. Many other components are available, please contact us for details. The images below shows a selection of component parts used to make a handrail and a site shot of a handrail supplied by us. Tubular handrails can be supplied in various special finishes including polished brass, Satin brass, Antique brass, Bronze metal antique, Nickel or Chrome.

Tubular Brass Handrails

Brass Handrail Accessories

Tubular Brass Handrails on Site

Brass Handrail Example